interior design, branding and packaging design for a bakery & café 
Bite is a bakery and café selling pretzels, rolls and other pastries, located in the heart of Budapest, close to Nyugati Railway Terminal. It has been the intention of the owners to re-imagine the pretzels evoking childhood memories, thereby establishing a fresh spot in the gastronomic landscape of the downtown. Products are prepared on the spot so customers have the opportunity to follow the process from kneading to baking.

Our goal was to define the brand and to create the visual identity of the first member of the chain. In defining the interior space we aimed at creating a clean and homogeneous experience, which does not divert attention from the products, and relates to dough and pastry in its tone.

Pictograms representing products and ingredients form a significant part of the visual identity, and are used on takeaway packaging as well as the interior design in the form of patterns and window stickers.
interor design & architecture  –  Zsófi Dobos
graphic design & branding  –  Eszter Laki
photography by Balázs Glódi
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